The company PROGRES MT s.r.o. was established in 2004 and since its inception, the company has primarily dealt with electrical installations of industrial nature and installations in shopping center buildings. Among the first references were electrical installations on construction sites such as PSA Peugeot, KIA Žilina, etc.

We currently offer to our customers a wide range of high-quality services based on many years of experience, where the focus of the company gradually expanded to include specific machine designs and implementations, distribution of various media, software and hardware modifications.

In metallurgy, we focus on designing in a 3D environment with the aim of implementing systems into production processes directly at the customer, e.g. Integration of various measuring instruments, conveyors, safety and lockout devices, camera inspection systems for checking the quality of the sheet metal surface, etc.

Our company has many years of experience in the design and execution of lighting and signaling technologies for the needs of highlighting pedestrian crossings – “Safe Crossings” and road light signaling. The company invests for years in the development of the given system and adapts it to the requirements of the market in this field.

Developed cooperation with many multinational companies, with whom we closely cooperate in the design of control and monitoring systems, photovoltaic devices, electric charging stations and we work on constant optimization and improvement of the services offered. For corporate customers, we offer the application of energy-saving measures in the regulation and design of lighting and overall energy management as part of our facilities services.