What are safe pedestrian crossings?

Safe pedestrian crossings are crossings with a visual (i.e. illuminated) highlighting of the path of the crossing which works in combination with active signalization equipment.

Safe pedestrian crossings are a unique combination of modern and effective technologies which provide pedestrians with IMPROVED protection on crossings. The system is based on the action of motion detectors which activate the highlighting crossing lights only when pedestrians approach or use the crossing.

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Safe crossing in active mode– flashing lights

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Safe crossing in inactive mode

Frequently asked questions

What is the main advantage of our system?

The main advantage of the PROGRES MT s.r.o. system is that the flashing signal lights notify drivers of the presence of pedestrians only when pedestrians are in the vicinity of the crossing or, more specifically, when pedestrians are crossing the road. For more commercial information, we recommend visiting the TECHNICAL INFORMATION web page.

What distinguishes this system from other similar systems?

The PROGRES MT s.r.o. safe pedestrian crossing system is based on the active detection of the crossing and the highlighting of the crossing only when pedestrians are in the vicinity of or actually using the crossing. Active crossings curb the tendency of drivers to ignore road signs while driving. Systems which employ constant illumination do not offer pedestrians with sufficient level of protection as drivers become accustomed to the signals and do not pay more attention when driving through the crossing!

The system is designed to operate through two independently powered PRG5.0 control units which can operate autonomously and remain in partial operation even in the case of serious damage (e.g. the destruction of the entire system and posts).

The PROGRES MT s.r.o. system was designed and developed to ensure protection for pedestrians 24 hours per day through the use of PRG.LED ROAD STUDS embedded into the road surface which are visible both during the day and at distance (competitor systems illuminate the crossing only after dark and may thus be ineffective during daylight hours).

Powering the system from two sites provides greater power capacity. During testing in cases of power outages, the system was found to be capable of operating for several days without an external power source, a result of the use of technology developed by PROGRES MT s.r.o.

The wide range of crossing types allows investors the option to choose from five crossing types which offer varying levels of protection for pedestrians. Three basic crossing types, BASIC, STANDARD  and TREND were introduced as a result of increasing demand from cities and villages, and these types can be combined to create the further crossing types of BASIC PLUS and TREND PLUS.

The flexibility of our system is a great advantage and allows investors with limited resources to install a basic system which can subsequently be upgraded at a later date.

In the case of the popular TREND and TREND PLUS types, LED lights are set into the road in such a way that they cannot be obscured by pedestrians crossing the road. One system which is offered by an unnamed competitor positions symmetrical lights in the middle of the crossing route without taking into account the possibility that larger groups of pedestrians crossing the road may obscure the lights and thereby restrict the effect of the illumination.

The PROGRES MT s.r.o. system uses sophisticated PIR motion detectors to detect the presence of pedestrians with the option to adjust the field of detection in order to eliminate the activation of the system unnecessarily.

The fixed installations of our system employ only stainless steel or galvanized materials which ensure the long term durability of the system.

PROGRES MT s.r.o. is not only the supplier of the safe pedestrian crossing system, it is also an installation company, therefore our customers can expect a comprehensive service encompassing CONSULTATION and ADVICE, PROJECT PROPOSALS and PLANNING, INSTALLATION and SERVICE both under warranty and after the expiry of warranty. We also offer to undertake all project steps which are necessary to ensure approval from relevant public authorities.

The PROGRES MT s.r.o. safe pedestrian crossing system employs the state-of-the-art 5th generation PRG5.0 control unit which has been developed and perfected over the course of 10 years. In addition to its basic functions, the control unit can also automatically transmit information about its current operating condition and thereby inform users about potential or forthcoming problems, for example loss of power.

Other flashing and strobe systems which are widely used do not take daytime functionality into account – they are not visible in daylight!

Is it possible to construct the crossing in stages?

Yes. PROGRES MT s.r.o. offers a combination of all systems of „safe crossings“. Depending on the requirements of the customer or prevailing financial conditions, it is possible to install a basic crossing which can be upgraded at a later date or which can be left as a basic system which is still certified. For small investors and villages, we recommend the STANDARD or TREND PLUS crossing types, and support is available for these types in the form of, for example, subsidized prices.


Are safe pedestrian crossings subject to financial support from the Slovak state?

Yes, VILLAGES and TOWNS may apply for varying amounts of funding from a range of grants connected to the promotion of increased road safety or road crossing – we recommend that investors monitor the system of grants which are currently accepting applications for funding. The amount of funding requested by investors (primarily villages) and the grant application itself are the sole responsibility of the investor.

Is it necessary to create a project for the construction of safe pedestrian crossings?

Yes, we can provide this service subject to agreement. Upon request, PROGRES MT s.r.o. can prepare a project plan which is suitable for approval by the relevant road and transportation authorities. The costs incurred in preparing this project are often refunded to the investor upon completion of the project.

We recommend the STANDARD crossing type to villages and towns because the installation of the crossing does not require any alteration to the road itself and is therefore less financially demanding.

Is it possible to obtain a more competitive price?

Yes, but this is subject to agreement – typically the customer agrees to undertake some of the work themselves in order to effect savings in the project. For selected groups of investors (villages and towns), we offer subsidized prices! In combination with undertaking a share of the project using the investor’s own resources, this can lead to a tangible difference in the cost of the project, resulting in a more acceptable price.

Does the system require a separate power supply?

This depends on the local conditions, but typically the system can be powered from the street light network which is usually within suitable range. The power consumption of the system is minimal and the short term power demand is low, therefore connection to the street light network is safe.

SOLAR PANELS are commonly used and offer a reliable and independent source of power for safe pedestrian crossings. The use of solar panels allows crossings to be located outside of villages and towns in locations were no fixed source of power is available. A further advantage of this type of power supply is that investors are not required to make any amendments to existing environmental registration through its use.

What happens during a power outage, for example during a storm?

The 12V battery powered automatic backup system ensures continued operation for more than 24 hours. In practical tests, the system has been found to be able to operate for periods in excess of 24 hours, but the actual battery life is dependent on the number of pedestrians using the crossing and the state of the batteries when the outage occurs.

Backup systems are fitted to all active safe pedestrian crossing types, primarily in the form of battery packs which charge during inactive periods. This system ensures that there will be no perceivable effect on the operation of the crossing as a result of power outages (the BASIC crossing type does not include a backup system as it is powered from the public street lighting network at 230V).

Is it necessary to excavate the road during construction in order to install cables?

No. The system communicates wirelessly and we use two PRG5.0 CONTROL UNITS as standard, and therefore it is not necessary to connect the two sides of the crossing and its lighting system with cables.

Are the PRG.LED ROAD STUDS subject to damage by passing vehicles?

The PRG.LED ROAD STUDS are designed to absorb loads in excess of 20 tons! During installation of the road studs it is necessary to use appropriate technical measures to ensure that the stud does not come loose during use and potentially cause undesirable accidents. Specially designed cables for the lights are inserted into the upper layer of the road surface along a narrow slit which is subsequently filled with special filling materials which has a lifespan many times longer than the asphalt into which it is inserted. PRG.LED ROAD STUDS are also designed in such a way to avoid damage by winter road maintenance vehicles such as snow ploughs.

How can members of the public lobby for the installation of safe pedestrian crossings on dangerous stretches of road in their areas?

  1. Send written requests to local authorities which are responsible for the relevant sections of road.
  2. Regularly follow up on the request, demanding updates and further information
  3. Stay informed about activities undertaken by local authorities to improve the safety of inhabitants living in the vicinity of the dangerous road section
  4. Inquire personally about progress and timescales for resolving issues related to the dangerous sections
  5. Contact us for a non-binding consultation and quotation for submission to local authorities as part of a proposal to resolve the issues related to the dangerous area

Can local authorities purchase safe pedestrian crossing equipment without our expert installation service?

  1. Villages, towns and even private individuals can purchase our equipment without our installation services; but although we offer this option, we do not recommend this approach as the technology requires expert installation.
  2. The warranty which we offer on our safe pedestrian crossings is only valid if the installation has been undertaken by our own expert professional team, as we cannot guarantee that other contractors can perform the specialist installation procedure to the required standard; substandard installation of the technology could affect the operation of the crossing.

What do people say about our safe pedestrian crossings?

Safe pedestrian crossings should be supported by the state as they are an essential part of road traffic. Modern traffic conditions are hectic, fast and often very dangerous so I think that safe pedestrian crossings should be installed in every village and town, especially on busy stretches of road. The flashing lights on the road are visible even from far off, warning drivers and reminding them to adjust their driving accordingly. I believe that safe pedestrian crossings can help to reduce traffic accidents and in many cases avoid fatal accidents involving pedestrians

There are more cars on the roads today than ever before. We drivers maybe don’t appreciate this as a negative trend, but pedestrians definitely do, especially when they have to cross from one side of the road to the other. I have a young daughter and I can’t imagine how in today’s traffic conditions she could safely cross the road in the dark. That’s why I see the increasing numbers of safe pedestrian crossings on our roads as a positive development. They help pedestrians as they walk to work, school or home, but also drivers, by showing them where they should stop safely in front of pedestrian crossings. I believe that the numbers of safe pedestrian crossings will continue to increase.

My opinion on safe pedestrian crossings? I think that they are fantastic. Especially in front of schools, in fact they should be in front of every school because they increase the safety of children and of everybody crossing the road. Especially during the night when the light is bad, the lighting really lights the road well. People often wear dark clothing which is also not very visible and drivers sometimes don’t see them on the road. I don’t know about during the day, if the lights are still visible in the summer when the sun is shining.